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Testosterone Regimen Questions and Answers

Have you been considering testosterone replacement therapy or are you currently doing the therapy? Either way, you may be wondering about the regimen for the treatment. Studio Eros can help with this. Here’s our Q&A about the testosterone regimen! We serve patients from Falls River MA, Berkley MA, Rehoboth MA, Swansea MA, and Somerset MA.

Testosterone Regimen Questions and Answers
Testosterone Regimen Questions and Answers

Q: What is the best testosterone treatment?

A: Many men with low testosterone levels can benefit from testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). There are different ways of administering testosterone, one may be better for you than another, and each can have its own regimen. There’s topical testosterone, transdermal patches, oral medication, and intramuscular injections, with the injections offering the most consistent results. Injections can reduce the symptoms of low testosterone significantly to help a man get back to the activities and lifestyle he enjoyed before the onset of low testosterone. Injections can also help a man with his sexual wellness and performance.

Here at Studio Eros, we provide TRT, and our injections will give you only the exact amount of testosterone you’ll need based on your specific needs. We’ll help you determine what those needs are during a consultation with us at our clinic. We’ll also help you understand what you can expect from TRT and what your regimen should be!

Q: How long does it take for TRT to work?

A: There are many different positive effects of TRT, with some appearing at different times than others. Typically, the effects on sexual interest appear after about three weeks, and changes in erections and ejaculations appear after around several months. The general effects on quality of life manifest within just three to four weeks. Certain other effects vary in appearance time, and the appearance time of maximum effects varies too. It can take a little while for TRT to work, but after it does, the effects can be life-changing for many men, helping them significantly in so many areas in life.

With TRT, you should expect a regimen of injections every two weeks. If you do a gel or cream application instead, you should expect a daily dose. Anytime during the course of your treatment with Studio Eros, we can adjust the dosage of testosterone depending on your response to the therapy. The effects of the therapy can be extended, possibly indefinitely, with regular injections at our clinic or regular applications of the gel or cream.

Q: Can you stay on testosterone forever?

A: A patient can stay on testosterone for a long time, perhaps indefinitely. It may be necessary to stay on testosterone, as the therapy does not cure low testosterone, and symptoms can return if a patient stops taking it. We’ll be able to discuss this further with you during a consultation here at our clinic.

TRT can be an amazing method for boosting testosterone levels and managing the low-testosterone-related symptoms of a health condition, and it can be complementary to other treatments that address an underlying condition that’s causing low-T in the first place. Come see us at our clinic to learn more about what TRT can do for you.

Q: Do you provide testosterone replacement therapy near me?

A: Studio Eros is located at 484 Highland Ave, Fall River, MA 02720, and we offer TRT here. You can call us Monday to Friday during regular work hours. We welcome you to book a consultation with us online here.

If you believe as we do that you could benefit from TRT, don’t hesitate to connect with us. During your consultation, we’ll help you determine what could be causing your issue, then discuss treatment options with you, like testosterone replacement therapy.

We look forward to helping you soon here at Studio Eros!

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