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P-Shot Questions and Answers

The P-Shot may be the solution for you if you’re suffering from ED or another condition that affects your sexual wellness as a male. We offer the P-Shot here at Studio Eros, and we’re sure you’ve got some questions about it, so here are our answers to the most commonly asked questions! We serve patients from Falls River MA, Berkley MA, Rehoboth MA, Swansea MA, and Somerset MA.

P-Shot Questions and Answers
P-Shot Questions and Answers

Q: What should a man do about erectile dysfunction and sexual wellness?

A: In many cases, a man can recover from ED (erectile dysfunction) or another issue that affects his sexual wellness. Sometimes ED can actually be reversed, while other times the symptoms can be reduced or even eliminated. It depends on the cause of the condition and whether the condition can be treated. High blood pressure, heart disease, prescription medication, tobacco, alcohol, a sleep disorder, a prostate problem, testosterone level, Peyronie’s disease, a pelvic problem, weight, the effects of surgery, or even a psychological issue can be a cause. Complications like a poor sex life or relationship problems can make the problem worse.

Certain medications can address the causes or complications we mentioned, but not always. Testosterone replacement therapy is a treatment for a low testosterone level and is FDA-approved for the treatment of ED. We provide the treatment here at Studio Eros.

We also provide the P-Shot which may be the better treatment for you, depending on your particular problem. There are lots of potential benefits of the P-Shot, so let’s get into them next!

Q: What does the P-Shot do?

A: In many patient cases, the P-Shot may be the best option, like in cases of Peyronie’s disease, an enlarged prostate, prostate cancer, drug side effects, the effects of surgery, vascular disease, or hypertension. There may be other cases when the P-Shot is the best option. A professional will help you decide.

With the P-Shot, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is taken from the blood and put into the penis. The procedure is non-surgical and non-pill and may increase repair responses in cells and tissues and offer long-lasting improvements in sexual health and performance. Benefits like increased blood flow, better erections, and better stamina are reported by many men who get the P-Shot. Also, it’s effective for a long time!

Q: How long does the P-Shot last?

A: Results vary and can depend on what’s causing your ED or other problem. Some patients get results right after just one treatment, some patients don’t experience results, and others get results after multiple treatments. For these other patients, about three to six treatments are generally necessary. In about one to two months, patients reach the peak in their results.

Results can last for a full year and be extended with regular treatments. Many patients find the P-Shot affordable too, especially when they consider the benefits, how long they can last, and how much they affect the patient’s life.

You could experience great results with the P-Shot, and you’ll be able to find out with us here at Studio Eros! Connect with us today for a consultation to learn more.

Q: Can I get a P-Shot near me?

A: Studio Eros is located at 484 Highland Ave, Fall River, MA 02720, and we offer the P-Shot here. You can reach us Monday to Friday during standard work hours. You can book a consultation with us online here.

We’d love to see you for that consultation, so if you believe you could benefit from the P-Shot, don’t hesitate to connect with us. During your consultation, we’ll help you determine what could be causing your issue, then discuss treatment options with you, like testosterone replacement therapy or the P-Shot.

We hope to hear from and see you soon at Studio Eros!

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