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Hormone Pellets for Men

Hormone Pellets for Men

Hormone pellets are an advanced way to produce healthy hormones for men and women. Bio-identical hormones have been available for decades, and according to scientific literature, it is a better method than using non-human hormones. Hormone pellet therapy was created to put more youthful hormone levels into the bloodstream, and can improve a person’s well-being. Testosterone Pellet Therapy is a service that the doctors at StudioEros recommend.

What is a Hormone Pellet?

A hormone pellet is a time-release capsule that is placed in the fat under a person’s skin. Hormones affect the function of cells and are the body’s chemical messengers.

The pellet was designed to release healthy hormones into the bloodstream, and professionals say it can dramatically improve a person’s quality of life and health.

Bio-identical hormones have the same chemical structure of hormones that are produced by the human body. These replacement hormones must have the exact chemical structure of the original to fully function.

What is the Procedure?

A hormone pellet is placed in the body, but first, bio-identical hormones have to be obtained. Typically, they come from a compounding pharmacy. The hormones are taken from an ingredient found in many vegetables – like yams and soybeans. Pellets are small and usually painless when inserted into the body.

The pellet can be placed in about five minutes. It is recommended to stop strenuous activity for four days. You can expect to feel some improvements in the first week. Doctors say it can give men and women a steady hormone level for three to four months.

Four weeks after the hormone pellet has been inserted, your hormone levels will be repeated. At this time, we will discuss the the past month and adjust future dosage based off of the blood test results and current symptoms.

Our team recommends three to four insertions in the first year. You can stop the hormone treatment at any time, but your levels/symptoms will more than likely go back to how they were pre-treatment.

How Pellet Therapy Helps

The goal of hormone pellet therapy is to provide the body with an adequate number of deficient hormones. Testosterone is important for the health of men and women – producing in both the ovaries and adrenal glands. The hormone gives to the body’s muscle mass, strength, and overall psychological health of a person.

The benefits of testosterone protect against cardiovascular disease and can reduce blood sugar. It can also lead to better skin tone, a decrease in cholesterol, and an increase in libido and sexual performance.

Considering Testosterone Pellet Therapy

Hormone pellets might not be for everyone, but booking a consultation at the StudioEros office, can help make the right decision. There is no age limit on who can receive treatment.

You will be asked about your medical history and fill out a questionnaire about your symptoms. The doctor will talk about these symptoms, and go over the results from your blood test. At this point, you and the doctor will discuss the best therapy program.

Book a consultation to reap the benefits of hormone pellet therapy.