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About StudioEros in Fall River, MA

StudioEros is a medical clinic for anti-aging, regenerative medicine and sexual wellness treatments in Fall River MA. We are located at 484 Highland Ave Fall River, MA 02720 near Charlton Memorial Hospital. Phone (508) 593-7771 to learn more about the O-Shot®, ThermiVa® and  BHRT.

There is no reason to let age be a determining factor in how you look and feel. While there are certain facts about aging that may be unavoidable, there is no reason to give up and miss out on multiple opportunities that life will continue to offer. Dr. Mark X. Lowney and the staff at Studio Eros can help you find a perfect balance that will enhance your quality of life with our holistic approach to treatment.

Studio Eros provides a variety of health and wellness services by combining a modernized approach to Western Medicine with complementary therapies, while maintaining an emphasis on the body’s natural healing abilities. We start off with the traditional medical approach of taking a detailed medical history and a comprehensive physical examination. Our team of practitioners will then work in a collaborative way on formulating a treatment plan tailored for your specific needs.

Studio Eros brings over 50 years of medical expertise by examining, diagnosing, and treating various medical and hormonal conditions that arise from an imbalance of the body’s natural systems as well as performing over thousands of major and minor anti-aging procedures. Our mission is to offer each patient an individualized care plan incorporating the most avant-garde and highest standard of care utilizing holistic and conventional treatments to reach their best state of health.

Hormone Replacement Therapy, Vaginal Rejuvenation and Erectile Dysfunction Regenerative Medical Services

We are passionate about the anti-aging, regenerative medicine and sexual wellness medical services that we offer to our community. Our integrative medical practice allows us to maximize your body’s natural healing systems by using an inside-out approach along with our ultimate vision being to have our patients not only live and function the way they want longer, but better as well.

About StudioEros Anti-Aging, Regenerative Medicine and Sexual Wellness Clinic Near Me